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Default TCA 2012 - Robert Singer Interviews

Some interviews with the Producer Robert Singer from TCA 2012 are being released. We will keep all of them in one thread.

At the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour this week, I spoke to one of Supernatural's executive producer, Robert Singer (the namesake of Supernatural character Bobby Singer). Singer discussed the recent loss of Bobby and Castiel from Sam and Dean's lives and what the future may hold for those characters on the anything goes world of the show, plus this week's time travel episode and more.

IGN TV: Sam and Dean have gone through so much, but Bobby was, in a lot of ways, their life line. Continuing forward, I would assume this loss will continue to be a huge weight on them?
Robert Singer: It's a weight they're going to carry for a number of episodes and that was kind of the idea of doing that to Bobby. Cutting that life line, they really were sort of out there alone. At the beginning of the year, that's really what we were aiming for – to isolate them and see how they behave with no real life line and probably the biggest adversary they've faced in seven years. That was kind of our plan.

IGN: They don't have Bobby, they don't have Castiel… They don't have any of their usual support.
Singer: The models were Butch and Sundance in modern times or The Wild Bunch. Strip them of the things that are normal to them – just going into motel rooms, driving the Impala, all those things. Take all that away from them and see how they behave and how they operate under this enormous pressure. And a big part of that pressure is the people they were closest to, they can't turn to. They're not there anymore!

IGN: We left Bobby with a major question, as he was at death's door. At what point will we find out the answer to that question?
Singer: We'll find out soon. And yeah, Bobby will be back. In what form, that I'm not gonna give you!

IGN: Without getting into specifics, I imagine it must be interesting for you to explore from time to time, even with that one episode where Bobby was dying, these guys who fight the Supernatural being on the other side of that equation.
Singer: Yeah. We do this quite a bit over the course of seven seasons. They've been in the veil themselves. All the times Death has bailed them out… And that's something that we're always interested in doing is looking at things from the other side. A number of years ago, we had Dean being wooed by a Reaper to come over. We sort of feel there's no bounds. We push it as far as we think the audience will take and try to keep it grounded in the reality of these characters, and that seems to have worked okay so far.

IGN: We know Castiel is coming back. Anything at all you can say about where we might find him, who's been through quite a bit himself in the past couple of years?
Singer: All I'll say about that is that the Castiel we find is not exactly the Castiel we left.

IGN: Last we saw, Castiel had briefly switched back to the guy we knew -- after proclaiming himself God -- and then the Leviathans took him over.
Singer: He went through a lot! [Laughs]

IGN: [Laughs] So will this be a brand new iteration or a variation on something we've seen before?
Singer: It's pretty much a brand new iteration.

IGN: What can you say about this week's episode ["Time After Time After Time"]?
Singer: I think it's one of the best we've done. It's really smart. It's got a lot of humor in it. It's a great problem of Dean being back in 1944; Sam in the present. How does Dean get back? How can Sam get him back? What's he doing back there? Is he still alive? It's beautiful to look at. It's great. It's one of my favorites.

IGN: Once you dipped your toe into time travel a few years ago, with the 1970s, has it been fun for you guys, once a season or so, to do these types of episodes?
Singer: Well, there are time periods that we always talk about in the room. "God, it would be great to send them back to…" The western was one of those. For the longest time, we were going, "How do we do a western?" And then we got that. And then the other one was, "How do you do a 1940s film?" One of those kind of hard-boiled things. We always wanted to do that and in this episode, we found a way and it works great.

IGN: I assume it's safe to say we'll be seeing more of Lucifer, or at least what Sam imagines to be Lucifer, in the near future?
Singer: Yeah, quite a bit, actually. We love Mark Pellegrino. He's just great. And yeah, he's a real yakker now in Sam's head, which causes the boys a lot of discomfort.

IGN: You've introduced quite a few new Hunters this season. Will there be more of that?
Singer: Well, there's that world out there and that's the world they live in. We're kind of fascinated by that. For so long, we went with their core group. We really made a conscience choice to say, "Let's see what other Hunters look like." We had Rufus, but other ones are different. The one we did with the guy with the daughter… She was lovely. We have certain check marks we want to make and fusing the shows with a certain amount of heart is one of them. That Hunter and that girl really worked for us.

IGN: Nothing has been said for certain, but it sounds like chances are pretty good for the show to be back for another season. As you near work on the finale, are you laying groundwork for what might come next?
Singer: Our plan is to leave it with a cliffhanger, which is what we've done pretty much every year. Unless they tell us different, that's what we'll do. And if we're not coming back, hopefully they'll tell us in time that we can give you a whiz-bang ending. But I think the plan is that it'll be back.

Source: IGN


Supernatural Boss Spills on Bobby and Castiel's Return!

First Castiel and now Bobby?! Where do these Supernatural writers get off?

Executive producer Robert Singer answered that very question for us, plus he calmed us down by offering that both fan-favorites Castiel (Misha Collins) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) will be back! How? When? Why? Let us tell you…

MORE: Watch Now: The Grimm Guys Are Hilarious in Person, and Here's Proof!

We cornered Singer at the CW TCA party this week, and the first thing that came out of our mouths (after "hello!") was "Why did you kill Bobby?!" Before he called security on us, he gave us an answer.

"We try to kill all the characters that are loved," he joked. "This whole idea this year for the arc for the boys is that they would slowly become more isolated losing Cas, losing Bobby, and they didn't have these backstops and they're alone and hunted. And we just wanted to see what that would do to their characters. And we love Jim, but that just seemed like a logical extension of where we're taking the guys. But there are some surprises in the last few episodes that I think people will be happy with."

Surprises? As in Bobby will be back?

"He'll be back in one form or another," Singer teased. Now that we settled that, it was time to bug him about Castiel's big return.

"It happens by a sure twist of fate and the Cas that they find is not exactly the Cas that left them," he tells us. As for next season (assuming there is another season of Supernatural), Singer promises twists and turns until the very end. "We usually will end [the season] with some sort of a cliffhanger, which will inform the next year. And then we may get into a room and say, 'OK, we've painted ourselves into this corner, now how do we paint ourselves out?'"

Who's excited for Bobby and Castiel to come back to Supernatural? Raise your hands in the comments!

Source: E!Online
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