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Default Cast "Bomb" Spoiler

Once this forum will be also the one we'll use to the episode, I didn't put in the title, but it's about the 3rd brother.

Here what we "know" about him:

Kristin, from E!Online has a new.... Totaly new spoiler for us. A bombastic one.

Well... Read it yourself:

Oh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you sneaky devil. You always keep us guessing—even from beyond the grave!

Even though he is fully dead on Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Weeds, that didn't stop JDM from schtupping Izzie (Katherine Heigl), and now, bearing fruit to one of the biggest, jaw-dropping, show-changing plot twists we've heard all TV season long. (Honest engine.)

Turns out, Jeffrey may be a daddy to a secret son on a certain show, and this certain show will be changed forever because of this upcoming plot twist.

Madison in Eugene, Ore.: What's the latest on Jared and Jensen on Supernatural?
Let's just say that if you happen to look like these dreamy dudes above (and God bless you for it), you should contact the CW right away, because I'm hearing that yes, you guessed it! There just might be a third freaking Winchester brother out there. Hear that? It's the sound of my mind exploding! I'm told that the possible third brother has not been cast, but we'll start hearing rumblings of another son courtesy of Dean and Sam's father John Winchester, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this season. Seriously, does that dead dude get around or what?! Meanwhile, I'm dying to know what you think of this twist and if anyone out there could possibly be delicious enough to pull off the same genetic code as Jensen and Jared. So please comment below, and if you have any casting suggestions, bring 'em!

Both, Michael Ausiello (EW) and Matt (TV Guide) have more information about the called "3rd Winchester Brother"

Michael Ausiello has the follow spoilers for us:

Question: Please, please, please tell me that the rumors about a new brother popping up for the Winchesters is completely untrue. Supernatural can do so much better than this stupid soap opera gimmick. -- Lindsey
Ausiello: I'm hearing the title of the episode is "Jump the Shark." I think that says it all. (You're an evil genius, Eric Kripke!)

Question: Got anything on Supernatural? -- Kelly
Ausiello: Dean's sex partner Anna is returning later this season. Presumably to hit that again.

Matt, TV Guide:

I heard a rumor that Supernatural is adding a new lead — and it's a long-lost Winchester brother?! Please say this is just a rumor! — Jessica M.
MATT: Consider the CW forewarned (literally, by yours truly) that Supernatural would be playing with hellfire if they went this route. Asked to address this near-sacrilegious buzz, series creator Eric Kripke will only say, "Stay tuned." Sources, meanwhile, tell me that whatever the truth is here, it's going to make for a very interesting story arc.


Until I see this episode title I thought it was some kind of joke from Ausiello, but it seems that the "brother" will be revealed in this episode.
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Thanks to Sarah_ben and Lere!
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