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Default "Baby, I Need You" (Chlark Short)

A short Chlark song-fic.

The song is "Baby I Need You" by Kim Taylor. I don't own anything towards the song. Just a fan since it's played on Smallville hahaha. I also don't own anything towards the movie classic "Casablanca" that is mentioned in this story-just a fan.


"Baby, I Need You"

Maybe I need you
Here in this hotel room
Thinking about angels
Thinking about what they do

Chloe sat up on the bed watching the News on mute as she drank her red wine. Savoring each sip she laid back on her pillows and kicked her heels off letting the green dress flow across the sheets.

It was her birthday. Lois threw a huge (not so) surprise party. Oliver, the good friend that he is, gave her the heads up-knowing she didn’t feel like celebrating. On the News is the simple reminder-Superman saves the day once again. In solitude.

She knew this day would come. She did place Faits helmet on after all. However, she didn’t expect it to come so soon. When Superman didn’t need his group of heroes anymore, not even his Watchtower.

Once in a while he would call in his team but not her. As the team grew so did their love for each other. No one was surprised except for her and Clark. There love didn’t last for long though. He needed to grow and be the hero he was without worrying about his friends, family and his lovers. He said goodbye for now, to only remain as Watchtower and Superman-nothing more.

Soon she faded as the other heroes grew and learn on their own. Her job was to bring more heroes out into this world and not exactly be one. She misses it but knows she is creating heroes, that’s important and a job well needed. She’s stopping the creation of criminals and bringing heroes.

Right now she needs a hero, she still has Lois, the Star Gazette and Oliver. She still finds herself lonely, missing her best friend. She took her last sip of wine and closed her eyes feeling the affects of the alcohol take its course.

Maybe they'll fly
Bring you right here
Cover them miles
Heaven knows what I need
Maybe I need you

Oliver walked the barn steps and threw the empty wine glass at his head hearing it shatter against his super-strength head.

“Hey!” shouts Clark rubbing the back of his head to get the glass out.

Oliver smirks, “Hm, your head is really thick, isn’t it?”

Shaking out his hair Clark asks, “What do you want?”
“I know you were thinking long and hard about something since you didn’t hear me come up the stairs; and giving that today is Chloe’s birthday, I’m guessing you were thinking about her,” Oliver simply states as he takes a seat on the arm of the old red couch. Some things never change.

Clark looks down at his feet as he turns to lean up against the barn window, crosses his arms to look at Oliver. “Every birthday I would bring her mom’s strawberry birthday cake and a present. After she turned 21 that would turn into the birthday cake and red wine. We would sit and talk, she would tell me her birthday wish even though I told her it wouldn’t come true if she shared it. She didn’t care though,” he smiles.

Oliver nods and Clark adds, “We would stay up all night talking, playing games, watch her favorite movie.” Oliver tilts his head, “What’s her favorite movie?” Clark smiles, “Casablanca.”

Oliver says, “Good,” he tosses the dvd his way. Clark catches and looks at it, Clark tilts his head and Oliver smiles, “I had the same speech from Chloe. She misses you Clark. You didn’t have to abandon her. You could’ve at least stayed friends. It’s possible, Lois and I are best friends.”

“I couldn’t,” says Clark as he looks down at the dvd. Oliver sighs, “For a guy who could take a bullet and has vast knowledge of another planet you really are clueless when it comes to women and the matters of the heart. Clark, you may be out there saving people everyday but you and I both know Chloe made you that hero-and you were a better hero when you were with her. Now, get your sorry ass out of this barn and go to her Clark.”

Looking down at the dvd he knows Oliver is right, “If I was her I wouldn’t open the door for me.” Oliver smiles, “That’s where your Mom comes in.” Clark gives him a confused look and Oliver shares a smirk and says, “Come on, let’s get you out of the plaid.”

Maybe I need you
Here in this town so sweet
Everything quiet
Everyone gone to sleep

Chloe awakes to a knock at the door she stumbles around holding up her dress so it doesn’t drag she glances at the time seeing it’s almost two in the morning. She’s only had an hour sleep and she feels her head getting full blast of the alcohol, “Oliver or Lois this better be important!” She mutters as she struggles with the lock on the door, as she opens it she finds Clark standing in the doorway.

He has a cake in hand that is covered with white and pink frosting that says ‘Happy Birthday Chloe!’ with a pink rose on the top right corner that has a strawberry in the center. Clark also has a bottle of wine in the other with the dvd of Casablanca. Chloe takes a step back thinking maybe she’s hallucinating but then becomes more confused as she hears the television that she clearly remembers having it on mute because of her head. Looking at it she sees the movie is already in the hotel’s dvd player.


“Yeah I snuck in to play it for you but I figured I should give you the choice to let me in or not. I know if I was you I would slam the door in my face right about now.”

Chloe sighs and says, “Maybe, after I get some cake,” she then glances at the wine, “ugh I don’t need that-trust me.” Clark smiles and Chloe steps aside, “Come in.”

Surprised she’s letting him in so easily he places down the cake on the coffee table along with the wine. Chloe watches and once he places it all down he feels a slap across his face, he moves his head so Chloe doesn’t hurt herself.

Even though he can’t feel the sting of the pain he still finds himself hurting knowing that’s what Chloe wanted to do.

Thinking about Elvis
How he made mama cry
Elvis find Jesus
Making her feel alright
Maybe I need you.

“I know that doesn’t hurt but-well, it made me feel better.”

“Chloe, I’m so sorry. I was selfish.”

Shaking her head she says, “No, I was. You needed to go and be the hero, save the world. That act isn’t selfish. You were thinking of strangers before you...before us. That is heroic Clark.”

He takes her hands and says, “No, that was stupid.” She looks up at him confused, “I lost my best friend. You have sacrificed so much for me Chloe. I shouldn’t have been selfish. I made the wrong choice, you made me the hero I am today and when I was with you...”

“Stop,” she says interrupting him and pulling her hands out from his hold. “We both have made sacrifices Clark. I understand now, I helped you get on your feet like all the other heroes and now it’s time for you guys to be able to stand on your own. I’m always here for you and everyone but I am not going to hold you back.”

“You’re not holding me back,” he says as he gently lifts her head by her chin to look him in the eyes. “It took a glass to smash up against my head for me to realize how much I love you, need you, and miss you.”

Chloe bites her bottom lip feeling like the room is spinning, Clark smiles and says, “If you don’t feel the same I’ll go. We’ll always have...Smallville.” Chloe chuckles thinking of Casablanca and Clark says, “Maybe we can be friends again if you don’t love me the same way, but know I love you. It took me a long time to realize that but know I’ll always love you. You help make me the hero I want to be.”

Tears begin to flow from her eyes, she doesn’t know if it’s the wine, her heart or a little bit of both. All she knows she feels she could fly right now in yet she knows she needs to be strong. “The world needs you more than I do.”

“I think I can manage both, if you are willing to try; because Chloe Sullivan,” he continues as he holds her face in her hands and brushes away her hair and her tears, “I need you more than you need me.”

Maybe I need you
Here in this world on fire
Everything moving
Everyone always tired
Thinking of futures

Right there Chloe falls to pieces, happily and content. No longer she can control herself-maybe it’s the alcohol, she figures as she wraps her arms and legs around Clark, taking hold of his lips with hers and decides to never let him go. Surprising him as he struggles to take hold of her-once he does however he decides he will never let her go.

He spins them around and lays her softly on the bed. He feels the silk of her green dress and his senses go wild as he finds the slip and lets his hand slide up her legs to feel the edge of her lace panties. She moans giving him the okay, he pulls down her panties to her knees and lets his finger roam. As he enters she moans with pleasure, he pulls out and she begins to unbutton his dress pants.

She wraps her hand around his manhood and he moans at her touch, she begins to squeeze and move it up and down, he rolls off of her and lays on his back as she gets on top and begins to take off his pants all the way as she takes off her dress and slide her panties off her legs. She slips off his shirt and takes him in full view, he really is Superman.

He smiles and asks, “Are you sure about this?” Chloe smiles, “It seems I need you more ways than one.” Clark chuckles and holds her in his arms, “I love you.” Smiling she says, “I love you too, now don’t hurt me like that again.”

Nodding he whispers, “I'm no Rick, I can't let you go. Baby, I need you. ”

Everything falls away
Everything changes
Nothing has changed today
Maybe I need you.

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Haven't read good Chlark fanfics for a while but I really like this one. I needed something to read and this short fic put me in good mood.
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Old 05-05-2012, 12:42 AM   #3
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Thank you so much Kira!! I'm glad it put you in a good mood! I plan to write some more short fiction. Been hard to keep up with anything longer but I really miss writing, it feels good to write about these two again! :D So happy you liked!

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I loved it!

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