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Well that's just it isn't it? They're most likely going to be trying to find a way to stop this new foe so they CAN save people. I think if they went back to the old MOTW plot with them hunting something different each week and killing it like they did back in Season 1, that would make it boring because of all the story we've had building for these past six seasons, you know?

I mean they did a filler with a ghost possessing a mannequin for M3:TR, and look how many people complained and whined about it being boring when it was just a normal, typical MOTW hunt. And it wasn't completely clear. I mean we don't know anything about Bobby right now and he's not a series regular. Jared and Jensen are. Misha isn't even a series regular. I don't know why they have him listed as such, but this is the CW and they are idiots.
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